Important Rules

Intellectual Property Management

Sustainable development is the Cmi’s philosophy, innovation is the key ability of enterprises to achieve excellence, so intellectual property is regarded as one of the company’s important assets. The company attaches great importance to its own intellectual property and respects the intellectual property of others, through active intellectual property management: on the one hand, encourage employees to innovate and strive to create high-quality intellectual property, so as to optimize competitive advantage and enhance the profitability of enterprises; on the other hand, carefully assess the intellectual property status of others, reduce the risk of infringement, and actively resist excessive patent litigation to maintain the maximum value and interests of the company and shareholders.

Patent management
The intellectual property of inventions, creations, writings, commercial confidential, etc. of employees shall belong to the Company.
When entrusting or accepting entrustment or cooperation with others to develop technology, the ownership of their intellectual property shall be in accordance with the contract. If there is a common interest, the rights and obligations of the common ownership shall be agreed in detail.
The company’s invention or creation requires the application for intellectual property protection, and the application process is properly controlled and the best patent rights are obtained.
Commercial confidential management
Employees shall be obliged to keep confidential plans, documents, charts, etc. classified by the Company as secret. If you leak due to your own negligence or become aware of a leak from another person, you shall inform the Company immediately. This confidentiality and notification obligation shall not be invalidated by the termination of the employment offer.
The business sponsored and undertaken by each unit have economic value to the production, sales or operation of the company, and each relevant divisions shall take appropriate confidentiality management according to the nature of the information.

Staff engaged in the development of intellectual property rights shall properly keep reports or records of the research and development process of intellectual property rights as evidence materials for acts in the event of intellectual property disputes.
In the event that all the intellectual property rights of the Company are challenged by a third party or in legal dispute proceedings, the developer of the intellectual property rights shall assist the Company in its legal defense and, in the case of infringement by others, shall also assist the Company in identifying the possibility of infringement to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of the Company and its interested parties.
Employees of the Company are prohibited from using illegal computer programs and shall comply with the legal restrictions set by the owners of computer programs and databases.

Up to now, the Company has obtained a total of 4 trademark rights with registration certificates