Products and Technology

Product and Technology

Cable & Wire

Cable 1

Model: Cable 1 Application: Slot Machine Feature: 50 connectors assemblied

Cable 2

Model: Cable 2
Application: LCD-TV

Cable 3

Model: Cable 3
Application: Golf cart /Battery

Cable 4

Model: Cable 4
Application: Electric
scooterFeature: IP 67 Grade Waterproof of International Protection Marking

Cable 5

Model: Cable 5
Application: Gaming NB
Feature: FPC combine with coaxial cable

Cable 6

Model: Cable 6
Application: NB
Feature: FPC combine with cable

Cable 7

Model: Cable 7
Application: Car lighting module
Feature: Cable with water proof rubber

Cable 8

Model: Cable 8
Application: Battery for NB


Cable Application

1.Static Cable: to be cable instead of traditional cable
2.Dynamic Cable: Active bended continuously
3.PCB: Conponent mounted on FPC with cable and PCB function.

Smart phone
Consumer Electronics
Automotive Electronics
Battery cable
Others Electronics

1.With hightly flexible function, 3D wiring assignment, change the shape according to space restrictions.
2.To resist high and low temperature, and with flame resistant function.
3.Foldable and doesn’t affect the signal transmission function, can prevent static interference.
4.Stable chemical changes, stability and high reliability.
5.It is conducive to the design of related products, which can reduce assembly errors, and improve the life cycle of related products.
6.The size , weight and cost of the device are reduced, but the function is increased.

Process overview​

Cable Harness Production flow chart
Raw materials Warehouse
CCD check
harness ass’y