dividend policy

According to Article 20 of the Articles of Association:

The Company’s dividend policy is determined by the Board of Directors in accordance with the operating plans, investment plans, capital budget and changes in the internal and external environment. The company is currently in the stage of operational growth, in order to retain the surplus funds for operating growth, at this stage to adopt the residual dividend policy, and consider the balance of dividends, to prepare an appropriate dividend distribution, of which the cash dividend is not less than 10% of the total dividend.

If there is a surplus in the Company’s annual final accounts, it shall first pay taxes to make up for past losses (including adjusting the amount of undistributed surplus), and the next ten percent shall be the statutory surplus reserve, except when the statutory surplus reserve has reached the total capital, and the remaining shall be required by law to be withdrawn or reversed; If there is a balance and the accumulated undistributed surplus, the board of directors shall propose a surplus distribution proposal and request the shareholders’ meeting to resolve the distribution of dividends to the shareholders.